It only took 47 minutes


It’s paint by numbers but for the Rubik’s cube! As someone that played around with cubes as a kid I’d always said I would eventually learn to solve one, but something I’ve been putting off for years because I thought it would take too long only ended up taking 47 mins! Feels really good to have completed it, and now I’m going to continue learning the patterns and moves so I can do it quicker!

Had this since I was 6


It works!!! This is the Rubik's cube I've had since I was 6 and has never been back to this position.



"Thanks for the help!! I was able to solve, I will do more practice" (edited slightly, original shown)
  • How does it work?

    This works very much like a "create your own adventure" book, or "Paint by Numbers" but with videos. There are lots and lots of videos, but your path through the instructions is completely determined by the state of your cube at every stage and each time you mix up the cube and run through the "adventure" you will watch different videos and follow different instructions, but as you will quickly learn, most of the videos are very similar.

  • How long will it take me to solve the cube?

    I am waiting on some real life test results, but I walked through the course and tried to pretend like I knew nothing about how to solve it and it took me around 60 minutes and I was being deliberately slow. There are a number of "introduction" videos are not needed on your second time through the "adventure", so the second time through should take you less than 30 minutes. Once you have got used to the moves and the process, on your 3rd time thorough you should easily be able to do it in about 15 minutes.

  • What if I want to learn how to solve the cube without the instructions?

    Most people will be able to learn how to solve the cube as far as the second layer from watching the current videos. Some will be able to learn how to do that last layer with the existing videos. I will be adding an extra section to the course, to help teach the bottom layer moves in a bit more depth, so that those who wish to learn to do the whole cube without the instructions can do so from within this course.

  • What if I don't have a cube?

    I have some cubes available on my shop at There you will find both my Freedom Cubes and some regular cubes. You can also buy some from Amazon, I recommend these:

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Step 2: Top (White) Corners

    • Solving the Top (White) Corners

  • 4

    Step 3: Second Layer

    • Completing the Second Layer

  • 5

    Step 4: Bottom (Yellow) Cross

    • Step 4a: Creating the Bottom (Yellow) Cross

    • Step 4b: Lining up the colours of the Bottom (Yellow) Cross

  • 6

    Step 5: Bottom (Yellow) Corners

    • Step 5 Intro: Bottom (Yellow) Corners - Overview and Introduction

    • Step 5a: No corners solved -> Solving the First of the Bottom (Yellow) Corners

    • Step 5b: One corner solved -> Solving the Second of the Bottom (Yellow) Corners

    • Step 5c: Two corners solved -> Solving the Last Two of the Bottom (Yellow) Corners

  • 7

    BONUS - solving the cube on your own!

    • How to do the bottom cross

    • How to do the bottom corners